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The Bowden Bowl just not the same w/o Jeff Bowden

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  • The Bowden Bowl just not the same w/o Jeff Bowden

    Clemson is starting with almost no game exp. against a good Defense. Teams have figured out that the way to play Clemson is load up the box and make the QB beat them. Last year VT loaded up the box and every team follow suit. Clemson finished up the season 0-5 against the spread with the only SU win against an awful NC St. team. Clemson lost alot on the O-line. Fla St. has enough speed on D to keep the the RB duo in check. If Fla St. can move the ball at all this could turn out to be a 10 to 14 victory for Fla St. The Clemson camp has been very quite this offseason, in my opionion I think they are of lots of concern. A very young team with only 5 seniors. They might be a team to reckon with later this season just not in this situation. Another foot note, they are having to break-in another kicker after the graduation of Ched Dean.

    What I see is way to many question marks in to many different areas (O-line, QB, Kicking). I agree the arguably have one the 5 best RB duos in all of the country. But not enough in this situation.

    Fla St. -3 (Big) 3 units

    For the ones of you who think just because I am Gamecock fan I am saying this. I bet against Carolina last night. When it comes to money it is all about the $$.

    Good Luck To All!!

    NCAA FB YTD 12-3
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