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Jaycol's Week 2

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  • Jaycol's Week 2

    Good to see the familiar names are back...

    Week 2 pick:
    Michigan -7

    This year I will follow a betting strategy that ensures I won't get wiped out at the cost of potential lower performance. I will start with an amount, say P. Will bet 20% of P. If I win then the amount for the next week increases to 1.1818*P (for 100/110). Otherwise falls to 0.80*P. Bet 20% of updated amount every week. Losses can at worst be less than P. Gains are lower.

    Another advantage is that it doesn't matter what sequence wins and losses come. At the end the amount is P * 1.1818^W * 0.80^L.

    Disadvantage is that you won't gain as much as you would, for example by betting 0.50*P on every game. <- This has the risk of early bankruptcy.

    Good luck with your picks everyone.

    Time to make some maaa-neeeeee.

    Go Bucks!