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    I been here nigh on 52 years and nobody, well, Birdsfan, comes into my thread. Sometimes I wished Big Pimpin' was still around. He always came into my thread. It was dumb****, but atleast he gave me a hit. LMFAO. Where'd he go, where'd he go
    If its fun, do it


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      Dude, I figured it out. You post the date instead of your record. i e 9-22. Hang around till its 12-5
      If its fun, do it


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        Originally posted by Q-Unit View Post
        but that avatar will.

        OK by me! LOL
        Ya, I do have to give it up for the Avatar.


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          Do you really bet on these games. I saw your post at another forum and you was on Memphis on that site.
          ben ncaaf 10-02


          Memphis tonite over Marshall
          memphis -2.5
          That was your play at the other forum

          Then you go back in and post a reply to yourself

          memphis yes yes 1-0

          I dont care if you post at a thousand sites. But a real gambler would not post two different plays at two different sites unless he's looking for unearned pats on the back. Now let me say one thing...........

          What a fricken joke.

          Then you complain about post replies :laughing:
          Last edited by Queen; 10-08-2007, 09:24 AM.
          NFL 2-0. Week 1
          Nfl 2-2week 2


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            Queen...the gumshoe detective on the job! :laughing:
            2007 NCAAF Season record (Thru week 7)
            39-51 -55.2 units