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    Nothing broken here. Losses come with this territory. Frustrating, yes. Breaking things, nah.
    If a guy doesn't have any gamble in him, he ain't worth a crap - Evel Knievel
    What's done in the dark will be brought to the light -Johnny Cash


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      Originally posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf View Post
      Never broken anything intentionally.
      Wouldn't you be then down even further?
      Originally posted by Billy Barooooooo View Post
      Um nothing! I respect and worked to hard for the **** I have!!!!

      Sorry but that is just me!

      SORRY that is too funny. and truee for a cheapass like me.

      tore up a losing ticket, thats the extent.

      "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
      -Big Pimpin-


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        Womp womp womp womp, thread failure...:flush:

        Guess I'm the only one here that has anger management :toss:
        Rowdy Rowdy Red!!!


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          I usually just scream for a minute or slap my hand on the couch, but thats about it.
          NCAAF: 50-39-5 (+6.35 units)
          NFL: 36-35-6 (-2.00 units)
          NHL: 4-8-0 (-2.80 units)
          NCAAB: 7-4 (+1.75 units)


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            Broke a promise.

            I swore I would never bet again. That lasted about 12 hours.
            "All I ask for is the opportunity to prove that money won't make me happy" ---- Unknown:booz:


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              Originally posted by MacDaddy View Post
              Broke a promise.

              I swore I would never bet again. That lasted about 12 hours.

              I Like that one!!!!
              I have 3 rules:

              1) Never get less than 12 hours sleep
              2) Never play poker against a guy that has the same name as a city.
              3) Never date chicks that have tattoos of daggers.


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                The most I'll do it crumble up my score sheet in anger after a boxing match and continue to wonder why they even have judges after my fighter gets robbed in a bad decision.