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    This thread is awesome......forgot to spell out some info for ya:

    My name is Rob

    I have a bachelor's degree from Kent State and a master's degree from THE Ohio State University......also have some hours completed toward my doctorate but put that on hold because I really, really love sports and some guy asked me if I'd like to do radio play-by-play for high school sports and an arena football team here in oHIo.....also have an offer from ESPN rep in this region to help with production and stats for college broadcasts....I think I missed my calling and it's finally here.

    I love classic rock and roll, hell any rock and roll, Canadian Bier, more specifically Alexander Keith's Indian Pale Ale, fishing, and golfing. I coach a high school girl's golf team and did so just to spend more time with my daughter who ended up playing in the #3 spot on the boy's team.....I also coach the men's golf team at a regional campus of a state university.

    I do love Penn State and Ohio State and am a huge MAC fan.

    I've got those 70s sideburns with a few gray hairs creeping in....and those are definitely from my job! If I could capp games all day or run a sports web-site I would. I love people and am not afraid to talk to anyone and have enjoyed chats (thru numerous sports reporting careers) with several past US presidents down to the lowly like Pete Rose....I'll never forgive him for blasting Ray Fosse in that all-star mom used to call be Roberto when I was younger because of my love of the Pitts. Pirates and Roberto Clemente.....hell all my uniform numbers were '21'. I did have our school record in the 2-mile run (3200 meters for you youngens) at 9:48 but that has since been broken by 6 seconds.

    OK...that's enough about how about you?:glass:
    Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew: