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Insubordinate Gramma Gets Tased

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  • Insubordinate Gramma Gets Tased

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    Kinda of Stupid on the cops part.

    Bet it's been a while since Granny screamed and moaned like that.
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      I'm not the biggest fan of cops, especially by-the-book-if-you-go-even-2-miles-over-speed-limit-I'm-writing-you-a-ticket cops, but its quite clear that we need cops and their job is uniquely dangerous.

      However I am gradually getting disturbed by the tremendous amount of videos and press lately about cops going "too far" or doing something out of line when arresting or dealing with the public.

      Its getting to be a disturbing trend, I dunno if its the youtube era cuz I'm sure theres always been abuse by cops since the dawn of time, but I cant help but be concerned that this will have adverse effects:

      1) Cops become less confident in their duties, and become more wary of the media watchdog, and let their guards down and end up getting hurt. or worse.

      2) Cops are even more agitated by the negative spotlight and as a result become more vindictive or unnecessarily aggressive as seen in many videos these days.

      I dunno :puke:

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        That woman is a moron. Straight up provoking him, literally ASKING for it.

        Then when interviewed, she denies every bit of whats on the report.

        When the video is released, she refuses to comment. lol

        She got what she deserved IMO.
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          The internet, cell phone video, etc. has really made it tough on law enforcement officers to do their jog with confidence. They really do have to be careful their own safety, but ultimately the safety of the person they are confronting as well. My brother is a state patrolman and pulled over a 60+ year old man who exited his car when he was told to sit tight, he got out with a hot cup of coffee in his hand and kept stepping toward my brother and was asked to stop. After several warnings and some verbal exchanges my brother managed to knock the hot coffee from the man's hands onto the ground. Who knows, my brother could have gotten a scalding in the face and he wasn't about the take the chance. He only gave the guy a speeding ticket and was not changed with noncompliance, threatening, or assault like he could have been. My brother didn't get scalded but the guy got scolded for his behavior in traffic court where his tune also changed.
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            Joe Pa See that is an example of an officer that used his head. I know they get into some harry scarry spots. It's no walk in the park. The difference between people is they want to get upset at the officer that catches them doing something wrong. Be nice sit there and take your lumps. He's got a job to do. Dont fault him because he caught you doing something.

            I have never run in to an ******* cop except one time over in Campbell County Ky. Real Dick. I was nice to him and he started off stupid. I load and unload cars so my hands do get stained with grease. Dumbass told me my fingers where stained from a crack pipe. I looked at him and laughed. He said your drug problem is no laughing matter. I said yes it is because I dont have one. After a few mins of this BS i told him ok Im done with this. Why did you pull me over. He said you crossed the white line on the passanger side because you are high. I told him no Car haulers sway but whatever. Write me a ticket or let me go. He told he hang on. He then came back and told me I had a suspended DUI drivers license. I told him yeah right just renewed them 5 days ago. He said you are going to jail. I said for what. He said driving on suspended. I said ok I'll play this game lets go. They took me to jail. Gave me a drug test and a hair sample test. I was upset but went along with it. Waited 6 hours for results. They came in told me officer made mistake ran wrong License number. My license was clean and my drug test was clean. Your free to go. I told them ok but how do I get back to my truck. They told me there was a taxi company 4 blocks over. I told them your kidding. He said no have a good day.

            Well got taxi back to truck. 45.00 dollars. Left. Then 14 days later I get bill for booking fee at jail house. I called them they said does not matter you was booked in our jail you owe us 30 dollars. I was like Unreal. 75 dollars because I was in KY in a truck from WV. But it cost me more than that from the truck being shut down 8 hours if you know what I mean.
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