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  • Vick/Pryor Article

    I really could care less what someone's opinion is, as long as they present it the right way.

    I mean in spite of what one may think of Vick or Obama, its sad what we've come to where any expression of opinion, or ideas are in turn vilified on the internet, or media.

    Terrelle Pryor's freedom of expression sacked - College Football -

    A double edged sword: freedom of speech =(

    "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
    -Big Pimpin-

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    Sad indeed Q-Lio! Guess nobody is entitled to their own personal opinion if it doesn't align with the majority line.......:puke:

    Gotta get that Roberto Clemente, the best Pirate ever sticker off my car lest someone think I'm supporting Castro or Chavez.......
    Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew: