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  • internet forum info and what not ..

    i was wondering if this was an appropriate place to talk about internet sports forums .. ?
    i have a lot of questions concerning forums on the internet . i would be surprised if anyone kept it real here regarding many things .. but i am trying anyway .
    first question , what is the purpose of sports forums ? if someone comes on here and gives away secret after secret that the reg joe blow doesnt know then what happens ?
    secrets / strategies / ways to make $ off the sportsbooks that pay the forums to advertise ..
    when this happens is when he starts getting harrassed right ?
    i have another question and this one is big . are all these sports forums related to one another with the people that run them .. ? the mods ?
    any feedback would be appreciated ?
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    I try and tackle your questions ... if I understand them correctly.

    what is the purpose of sports forums ?

    A place for people who enjoy the same sport, in our case sports betting, to exchange thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc...

    if someone comes on here and gives away secret after secret that the reg joe blow doesnt know then what happens ?

    Nothing. It rarely if ever happens, and I'd go as far as to say that there really are few "secrets" anyway. The only people who claim to know "secrets" are touts trying to sell you their bull****.

    secrets / strategies / ways to make $ off the sportsbooks that pay the forums to advertise .. when this happens is when he starts getting harrassed right ?

    No. The only way you get banned from here is when you try and start selling people stuff. That doesn't fly too well with the Jakes in here. If that's your intent, which is easy to figure out by the way, then you're gone.

    are all these sports forums related to one another with the people that run them .. ? the mods ?

    This is one I'll have to pass on to one of the moderators. I don't know much it.


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      Im curious as to what your motives are for such a post, however, everyone does think differently so I'll respect that and assume your questions are asked in all seriousness.

      re: forums related. Not a chance. There are however some websites out there who are part of networks all owned by one company.

      After reading forums for many years, I can pretty much tell you who is behind them and what part of the planet their from. No relation whatsoever. In fact. many are in steep competition with each other and even have pissing matches from time to time.

      We dont partake in that bs though. Waste of time and what's the point?

      As far as harrassment, I have no idea what you mean there. If you can expand on that I'll try to give you a decent answer.

      Aint nobody around here getting harassed by anybody.

      Forums exist on the internet for every single topic you can think of.

      I think sports handicapping forums are somewhat unique in that it's a great place to huddle up with others out there who enjoy the same hobby.

      I dont know about you, but I dont have any friends/family that enjoy capping the games so it's great to come here and share info with others who enjoy it as much as I do.

      Id also like to add that it's great to keep an eye on how everybody is doing and if they're hot or a good handicapper long term, it's well worth riding coattails (following their plays and betting them yourself). Every season new diamonds in the rough are found.

      Heck, one year we had a guy that bet on formula 1 races go like 72-13. Surely the sickest run Ive ever seen in any sport in any season.
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        spread some love

        thank you for responding .. well i have many stories to tell being a member in other forums and running into problems in every one of them . if this is a family /group of forums and you are affiliated with the other forums then it might be a waste of time to type here .. as you guys are one unit .
        what would you say if i told you that a forum deleted many of my good posts containing valuable , deep , insightful , even the art of anticipation type posts .. relating to picking the games ?
        see if you can help me with this one ? why are forums so mod heavy posting and create gimmicks with diva/bs/ posters ? another words you read their name everywhere all the time ? the reason is it is like a sitcom .. why do you feel they feel the need to do this ?
        it is about as fake as any 30 min soap opera . so much drama all the time as well , like kindergarten like i read in your rules .. that your forum is not like this ... but many forums are ..
        do you have any insight on why some forums run like a middle school with the behavior and fake gimmicks ?
        you dont think there are secrets and strategies one could bring to the table every day on a sports forum ? sure there are , is no different than someone that does this for a living typing everything they see / forecast / anticipate to happen each day .. with a tracking art like info to boot typed on a forum screen .
        the question would be why would someone take the time to do all that right ? my answer has always been why not . lol
        all it is , is me showing people how to be a capper with an approach they dont know about .. but it is work and you have to have a love for it to stick with it ..
        the fact there are handicappers trying to get paid all throughout every forum as well as on the internet throws a wrench in the game .
        if someone like myself brings their work to a forum and types it from reality my point A to your reality point B > the forum , then i make better cappers .. but the industry would take a hit for sure ove time . means the forums take a hit ?
        i am better at giving info than being able to execute it myself .. those are 2 very different depts and also multi dimensional .
        i am not like most people , neither are you right . i am 41 by the way .
        i know what i typed here may be hard to understand or believe that it is worth anything .. but just ask yourself why would i take the time to type this if i wasn't sincere .. and plz dont think i would ever charge someone or have it in mind to roll like that .. because i have already been down that road and had that job title .. it was okay but i dont like having to worry about losing other people's $ day in and day out .. everything gets old more or less .
        feedback on my questions would be appreciated . thanks


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          Your post is somewhat confusing.

          Insinuating that all forums are connected in any way boarders on paranoia.

          Why do people post in forums? To share info.

          Why are forums mod heavy? Because jerkoffs come here attempting to use our forum as a platform to advertise their product/service which simply isnt allowed, therefore, members that care about the community are offered the position. Those are volunteer positions as well.

          We're not into conspiracy theories and ****. If people can't figure that out then they don't really belong here.

          If you got banned at other forums, I'd assume that they found your behavior questionable or unacceptable.

          I dont care how it goes at other forums. What happens here is people act like adults and be part of a team or they simply "don't be here".
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            Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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              Weird thread :nuts:


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                Dude just post what your gonna post man, if u are not welcome or what u post is not liked they will let you know usually once before they boot your ass... just post ur ideas with an open mind and let it be people will read it. i love all sorts of information, the real information i want to know is.....

                when the game is at a point late and a team scores (which the public has hammered on the spread) and the score will give the public a win, Does vegas really call the ref? i think so... but i wont push my paranoia on to you (did i spell that right?)...

                anyways just post dude im curious to see what u got to say make ur picks this week for football and do some write ups to how u came to the picks u made...

                gl and welcome
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                  Some time when you have some time, try to do a search on the web for the Wisc/UNLV game from years ago in Vegas when somebody intentionally rammed their car into some electrical pole that blacked out the stadium with like 50 minutes into the game, which lead to the side/total not being good because it didnt go 55 mins of play.

                  Some genius KNEW exactly which poll to knock out to kill the power to the stadium.

                  Another sick "call" during a game was a Nets/Bulls game years ago where somebody some how got through to Michael Jordan that his mom had been in a car accident. He left the game around half time, the bulls lost the lead and the nets covered.

                  Two things that I know in my heart were done by somebody betting on the games.

                  Another thing that made me sick was last week with the Raiders almost beating the Chargers and the Bills almost beating NE. It sure seemed like SOMEBODY didnt want either of those two teams to win straight up. That catch by the Raiders was a TD. World instant replay related call Ive EVER seen.

                  Nothing suprises me man. There are two guarantees in life. 1. We're all going to die some day. 2. Taxes
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