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New guy, just wanted to say hi

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  • New guy, just wanted to say hi

    Hello, I'm new so go easy on me please. My main interest is college BB and college football. It seems VERY difficult trying to tell the difference here between the good guys and scammers (is that a fair word?). Thanks for letting me be a part of your group. Ken

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    welcome to you....:thumbs:

    and the only scammers here are clown99 and boilerbacker.

    look forward to seeing your plays......
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      Thanks, this coming weekend is another I stay away from. I NEVER bet on the first 2-4 weeks. Ken


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        Hi Ken,

        There are no scammers here.

        We have a ****load of Moderators who graciously volunteer because they care about the community and who do away with those types instantly.

        This forum isnt the biggest and never will be. Quality over quantity. ;)
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          Thanks, I'm on many other forums and can not stand the ole hook, line and sinker BS and I can spot it a mile away. QUESTION: I have not read the entire forum (lol) so forgive this question PLEASE. Do we share picks here? Point each other in the right direction for picks? Pay for picks? etc. Ken


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            Originally posted by mr j View Post
            Pay for picks?
            Thats a big negatory

            Welcome Ken
            If its fun, do it