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American Pickers and Pawn Stars

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  • American Pickers and Pawn Stars

    Does anybody else watch these shows on Monday nights? (history channel)

    Im addicted to these shows. Pretty cool stuff for the treasure hunter type of person.

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    I've watched a bunch of the pawn stars shows. I like it, but would like it more if they would show some of the stuff the store sells instead of just all of the things people bring it to pawn and then striking a deal.


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      love both of these shows as well.

      I'm curious what they (Pawn Shop) pays the experts who look at the items?

      American Pickers is cool.. but with gas, lodging, food, etc. I wonder how they actually make a living at it.


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        On Pawn Stars, I've heard a guy or two that came in to appraise/value something mention 50 bucks. I would imagine they'd have different amounts for different types of items.

        I can't remember if it was the lady that appriased the yankees ball or the one the hand writing analysis lady that assessed the huge quilt with tons of famous people's signatures, but she mentioned she had put like 60 hours into it. I cant imagine that appraisal was cheap! Hell, even at 10 bucks an hour thats 600 bucks. Or maybe she's just passionate about it, who knows. Or MAYBE, they pimp out chumlee to those broads LOL.

        Then again if those guys know that they're going to be on tv and that they'll benefit from it by gaining more business, maybe they do it for free.

        I can say one thing... Next time I hit vegas Im going there cause I think the whole ball of wax is cooler than ****!
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          re: american pickers being cost effective.

          Those guys make enormous margins on the products they buy.

          In order to be able to do so, you have to be SUPER well networked and often times already have a buyer for the stuff that you're buying.

          It appears that they have low overhead as their business "looks" like it's part of a property that they/somebody lives on.

          Notice they're rig they drive isnt a standard van either. It's a Mercedes. There's huge bucks in picking if you're well networked and experienced.

          I know a few local pickers here that live REAL WELL doing that gig. The key to everything is buying right.
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            I love Pawn Stars the old man makes the show.

            I tape both shows every week.
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              Love Pawn stars. I was in Vegas in Feb, took a $25 cab ride, each way, to see the store. Was kind od a let down. Very small, lots of tourists, t shirts, jewelry, seems the cool stuff they buy doesnt stay around long. Met the old man, he was doing photos with all the tourists. Rick, Hoss were off that day, Chumley was at lunch.

              I'll lay 4-1 Chumley gets his own show.


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                Hi 6 Horse, Welcome to the forum!

                Your post made me laugh because I too am planning on going by the store next time Im in Vegas.

                The old man is a freakin hoot. That whole group is fun to watch. One of the best shows on tv running.
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