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Baylor player Brittany Griner

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  • Baylor player Brittany Griner

    So im watching the baylor womens college basketball game and see this brittany griner chick. Shes like six foot eight and is blocking the ball like crazy. She had 10 or 11 blocks in her prior game and 9 in the game last night. Im watching this thinking to self "man she sure looks like a man".

    Then the interview after the game came on and i heard her voice. After hearing her, im really not sure that shes a woman.

    Wouldnt it be the biggest caper in ncaa bkb history to win the final four and find out SHE was really a dude?

    If you watched the game and then watched the interview, you cant say you werent thinking it.

    I wanna nut check!

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    haha like that sprinter who was really a guy


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      I was thinking the same thing! Holy smokes! While you're at it, test UCONN for steroids.
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