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Let's all put our heads together and figure out some good Mother's Day ideas

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  • Let's all put our heads together and figure out some good Mother's Day ideas

    Let's all put our heads together and come up with some good Mother's Day ideas!

    What are you doing for your mom/wife?

    I'm thinking about doing a spa package.

    It'd get rid of the old lady for the day plus buy me some time to watch games!
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    haha thats a good one kevin.

    Pandora bracelets are pretty popular now and my mom has one so I got her this charm to put on the bracelet.

    Another good one is Edible Arrangements. Not sure if everyone has them in their area, but its a great gift idea.


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      That's funny that you'd mention edible arrangements. I just saw a TV commercial for something like that on a .com

      As scary as it sounds to order food off the web, i've had pretty good luck with it. My Brother in law said the Filet Mignon he ate from was one of the best ever. I've gotten cheesecake from the cheesecake factory and it showed up nice and cold and tasty.

      I've had chocolate covered strawberries sent to me too, delicious as well.

      If you would of told me ten yrs ago that I'd ever have food from a delivery like mail or ups I'd have told you that you're crazy lol.


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        Preface ... I'm cheap. And my wife says I buy cheesy gifts (you know the singing bass, chia pet, and **** like that, that's what I gift ... what? It sings!)

        But a few years ago the kids and I started buying her flowers, and I'm talking perennials in the ground kind, not a vase of them.

        Last year all three kids bought Mom strawberries ... this year we have a nice berry patch growing that won't produce them by Sunday, but will at some point.

        We've got a nice little flower garden in the back of the house now, Blackeyed Susans, Iris along the deck, some late fall **** that I forgot the name of. But she planted it and made it look real pretty with a fountain in the middle. Best part is it comes back bigger and better every year ... so we have Mother's Day all summer long.

        Make her breakfest in bed. Have the kids make some homemade cards, including one for the baby that you can make, treat her like a queen all day (i.e. take her ****) and Holly will love it more than any spa package or other **** you can spend money on.

        Thoughtful and simple. Chicks dig that ****.