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Happy Bday JoePa

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  • Happy Bday JoePa

    Day late and a dolla short. Hope ya had a good one bro
    If its fun, do it

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    Indeed!! Happy belated Bday


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      Hope you got birthday sex big boy :thumbs:

      "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
      -Big Pimpin-


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        Almost missed it myself! Just saw the thread today.......Thanks YO, 14 Pointer and Q! :beerbang:

        NO Birthday sex, but I did get a nice 8AM - 8PM day at work and a coouple of nice cold Keith's when I came home.....:thumbs:
        Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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          happy belated bday joepa, hopefully for a present you get all your picks right.
          mlb 2018 ytd 157-110 +42.74 units as of 10-29-18 seasons end
          ncaaf 2018 ytd 62-54 -0.4 units as of 12-9-18
          nfl 2018 54-79-1 -21.4 units as of 12-3-18
          mlb 2019 348-245-3 +70.2 units as of 2019 seasons end
          nfl 2019 54-54 -21.2 units as of seasons end
          ncaaf 2019 34-43-1 -12.43 units as of seasons end
          mlb 2020 ytd 112-75-1 +33.35 units as of 9-28-20
          nfl 2020 61-50-2 +8.5 units as of 11-18-2020
          mlb 2020 playoffs 30-17 +30.6 units as of year end
          ncaaf 2020 36-28 +10 units as of 11-18-20


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            R- happy belated birthday.....:thumbs:....missed this post i guess...too much going on these days...

            hopefully something cool happened like you were honored at halftime of the Big Red's game making you an honorary alumn or something......:beerbang:
            I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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              I'm always late to the party!

              Happy Birthday JoePa!