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What kind of % should I expect here

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  • What kind of % should I expect here

    This is a great sports site, and I have been playing the in house free picks. What kind of winning percentage should I expect here with the in house cappers.

    I mean nothing is guaranteed even with the big shot paid cappers, but in the past have they done ok here.

    Real good bonuses also

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    When you say "in house cappers" are you referring to forum posters or the picks on the "other" part of the site?

    There are some real good forum posters here that turn profits consistently. There's also some bettors who lose consistently that are worth fading (hey im honest).

    As far as the staff picks, certain picks found in the right menus are better than others. Historically, the MNF picks here have been off the hook good. This year they really stunk.
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      I was refering to the staff picks