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    Ok, so I take my car in to get a drive through car wash. Local place, been there lots of times, I always tip after it's over and they towel dry my car.

    So I pull up, they start scrubbing the tires/side/windshield with their brushes. I sit through the car wash, pull out and nobody is at the end with the towels.

    So I sit there. Dude comes up to me and says "We dont towel dry in the winter time". He saw that I had two bucks ready in my hand for a tip as well. I'm almost sure of it. So I put the two bucks down on my car seat, say oh, ok, thanks. Then as he's walking away he says "Your wheels were really dirty, it took a bit to get all that dirt off". I'm almost 100% positive the dude was fishing for a tip. I said "thanks" and drove off.

    I wish I didnt have a conscience. It's kinda bugged me for the past couple hours wondering if I should have just coughed up a couple bucks anyway, since they did indeed work pretty hard to clean the wheels and **** using their brushes.

    Then on the flip side, I'm like "wtf am I worried about, they didnt dry the car and thats kinda shoddy" Sure it's winter time, but that still will leave water spots etc.

    Would you have coughed up a couple bucks or did what I did and said thanks and drove off?

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    I see both sides, but I would have done the same as you. It's almost a given I feel like for the car to be towel dried after the car wash. On the other hand, I get that its cold out and they are still out there scrubbing tires and what not, but I would have expected the towel dry. You made the right call. If you feel bad, next time you go you can give the tip even if they don't towel dry.


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      they should be more worried about your repeat business.

      So if you come back, all is good IMO

      that being said, if you lived here in West Texas, there better be towel dry even if its absolute zero! with all the damn wind blowing dirt everywhere.

      **** you not, it rained mud a couple weeks ago, looked like the Dust Bowl had diarrhea and blew through the area :laughing:

      "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
      -Big Pimpin-