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How is everyone coping with COVID-19?

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  • How is everyone coping with COVID-19?

    As an original resident here at Predictem, I am always one that advocates discussion. I live in Canada and am wondering how everyone in wherever you live are coping with this precedent setting catastrophe of COVID-19 is coping, dealing, enduring, hoping and ultimately living with this global pandemic.

    Let's talk about your feelings, concerns, worries, experiences and just about anything to do with this tragedy that's been thrust upon us.
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    It's not really a laughing matter, however, I did find it funny yesterday (haven't really worked much over last 2 weeks) that I had to ask my kid what day it was. I literally didn't know!

    Outside of that, just spending way too much time watching news, facebook and Twitter. I've about had my fill with all three. We all know it, but there's some really nasty people out there and of course some really great people that shine bright during tough times.

    During this time of being plugged into the social media so much, I've come across numerous conversations speculating that a bunch of Hollywood stars are going to go down in child sex trafficking rings. Some of the names (who I will not mention for obvious reasons) were enormous as well. Talk about crazy!

    Anyhoo, just biding time, hoping things get better sooner than later.

    I think we'll all have a whole new appreciation for lifes freedoms as well as SPORTS once this debacle is over.

    Hopefuly you and yours all come out safe and stronger at the finish line.

    In the mean time, I'm going to start writing some tips and strategy articles here within the next couple weeks. Gonna step out for a week or two to get recharged after having my face buried in stats/sports/games etc for the better part of 20 years.

    One thing is for sure... I've had daydreams of what it'd be like to be retired. I'm now going on 2 weeks of doing nothing and am starting to get bored as hell. Now having some weird perspectives and don't know my ass from a hole in the wall LOL.

    Be safe Y'all!


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      Lots of golf !!!!! social distancing for after my tee shots!



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        Hey Mike, hope your well and hope to see you again soon
        As far as the pandemic for myself is "so far, so good". I'm 65 and have under lying health problems. I don't take ANY risks. But nobody should. I am actually so scared of this virus that not only do I wear a mask but the surgical gloves as well. Might be over kill but gives me and mine peace of mind. Please be safe and Viva Las Vegas
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