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  • flaw in the rule book

    A serious flaw in the rule book just became obvious in the Nebraska/Minnesota game. Nebraska throws a lateral (a.k.a. backward pass) which is deflected by the receiver. The deflected lateral then goes forward past the first down marker, and they give the first down to Nebraska. How in the world can that be? You can't fumble the ball forward, why would it be any different for a fumbled lateral? The broadcasters read the rule, so the officials got the call right. It's just an obvious flaw in the rule book. That rule needs to be changed. Anybody agree?

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    Saw that play... huge momentum shift against the Gophers early on. From a fourth down stop to a touchdown a couple of plays later.

    If you're not allowed to advance a fumble, why should an advanced fumble give you extra yardage. I've always wondered how the refs distinguish between a player who intentionally muffs the ball out of bounds to gain yardage? A fumble is a negative play, so there should be no gain from it.
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      You're absolutely right. You're also right about that play being a huge momemtum shift. Until that play happened, Minnesota was looking they might just upset Nebraska. I think Nebraska is over-rated. Ohio State had them beaten by just running the ball until the freshman QB got hurt.