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    Hey Fellas,

    Quick question - heading out to Vegas for the weekend w/some buddies so where are the best sportsbooks from your experiences? I've been out there before (only once) & it was during the summer & had no interest in betting on bases other than the obligatory Cubs bet (naturally a losing bet) but never during football season so I never really paid attention on my first trip. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! :thumbs:

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    Coach, check out the Hilton if the sportsbook is still open. Rumors were that they were hit hard with the economy and were gonna close the sportsbook. Too bad if they did, it's freaking huge, the biggest one in Sin City and a great place to watch games on the multiple screens. :thumbs:

    Maybe somebody else on the board like Mailman, Kevin, Jerbeek, Yo, Boiler or somebody can give us both a heads up!
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      The Hilton is great. Free drinks as long as you have drink tickets.

      Can't really go wrong with the Wynn either. Very plush.
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        I'm a fan of Caesars as well!
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          Both places mentioned above are some of the best in town IMO
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            Thanks a bunch fellas! :thumbs:

            "Don't give up! Don't ever give up!" - Jimmy V


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              wynn has some of the best lines. but the hilton takes bets and cards easierthen anywhere else. and yes the hilton is up and running


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                MGM is my fave. Tons of screen, open space to walk through or sit down and watch, many windows open to get your bets in.

                I'll have to go against the grain and not vouch for the Hilton. It was huge but the main issue I had was when I was there for March Madness, they had one window for sports bets and 4-5 for horse-racing.

                Not hating on horse-racing, but this was March Madness, one of the busiest if not the busiest sports weekends of the year for Vegas especially since it coincides with Spring Break.

                They did set up their movie theatre? for game viewing. Had 4 screens with different games on each, and a satellite betting window, but only one and the line was loooong.

                Might have been just that one year and that time of year that they weren't managed well, but it left me with a less than stellar impression.

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                  Im a little late on replying to this, but for future refrence, i went down there a few weeks ago and the tropicana's new sportsbook is a comfy cool sportsbook people dont know about yet, and it is great for viewing games, and they have live interactive touch screen in game betting, which is pretty cool.... but they have a wrap around electronic jumbo screen than breaks up into alot of giant tvs, they really cover the football games well... its a very good place to catch nfl sunday games without the giant crowd u can actually find a seat...

                  my 2 other favorite spots mgm grand and mgm mirage have very nice big sports books, also my friend says the hard rock hotel has a very impressive sports book also...

                  but check out the tropicana if your looking to watch games you will be suprised at what they have come up with :thumbs:
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