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    Not sure If I can talk about stuff like this on here and if I am wrong in doing so I apologize right now and Mods go ahead and delete this..That's prolly not a good way to start a post ..LOL..Anyways I was wondering if there are any hunters or gun collectors here at Predictem..I was thinking about getting a new handgun and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Glock,Ruger,Browning, S&W? Right now I currently own a few rifles which I use for hunting ONLY and a .22 Ruger pistol..I am thinking about getting either a 9 mm or a .40 and was just wondering if ayone had any opinions.. I am leaning towards the Glock 19 but never shot a Glock before and heard that you have to have the right hand in order to hold a Glock due to the way it is built or a Browning Hi-Power Mark III..Once again if I can't talk about guns and stuff like that on here I understand with all the lunatics out there in the world..But just thought I would throw this out there and see what you guys thought..
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    60 Caliber Nitro Pistol

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