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R. I. P. "Rahstahman" 12-7-11

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  • R. I. P. "Rahstahman" 12-7-11

    Shocking news......A great guy, a great participator. He will be horribly missed here.!

    R I P Brah......hope your with all those "cheerleaders".

    Toke on!!!!!!
    Ya gotta look out for #1 or your gonna step in #2
    -Rodney Dangerfield

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    I'm so sad to hear this. Paul was one of the all-time good guys here. You will be sorely missed Paul. :(


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      OMG! This is truly a shocker.....I've always enjoyed a special bond with "Stah" and will miss his posts and short but very appreciated notes of encouragement and well wishes. Godspeed bro and my sympathies to his family and friends.

      Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew:


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        WTF? Holy cow! I tailed him on a second half play just a few days ago, man this is a stunner to me too. At least he went out firing wagers till the end.

        RIP Rahstah!


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          so sorry to hear. RIP BUDDY.....
          College 52-42 +560 (56%)
          NFL 19-23 -550 (45%)
          last update (7:19 AM 11/29/15)


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            Very sad to hear, would always check out his threads for a tail or just for the legendary cheerleader pics. All the best to his loved ones.

            Ill smoke one for ya today! RIP


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              Terrible news. He was one of the mainstays around here. RIP
              NFL YTD: 83-75-3 (-4.83 U)
              Spreads: 54-45-2 (+5.95 U)
              Totals: 22-21-2 (-1.2 U)
              Moneylines: 5-4 (+2.48 U)
              Parlays: 1-4 (-10.56 U)
              Teaser: 0-1 (-1.5 U)

              NCAAF: 16-8 (+9.26 U)
              Spreads: 12-8 (+3.3 U)
              Totals: 3-0 (+3 U)
              Parlay: 1-0 (+2.96 U)

              NBA Dec: 13-9-1 (+3.1 U)

              NCAABB: 29-36-3 (-9.1 U)


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                :thumbs: Thumbs up to a real classy guy. He's truly in a better place now! Fields and fields of the good stuff.
                NFL 17: 45-47-2 // 48.91% // -10.12
                MMA: 247-332-2 // 42.66% // -6.04
                MLB 17: 151-140-8 // 51.89% // +5.65 ROR // +42.13
                NCAAF 17: 63-49-2 // 56.25% // +6.80
                Updated on 01/13/18
                One of my 2018 resolutions: no more action gambling.


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                  Sadly missed
                  NFL 2-0. Week 1
                  Nfl 2-2week 2


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                    so sad to read about this. Great member of the forum. I'll miss you Rah.


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                      so sorry to hear this news. he'll be missed.
                      mlb 2018 ytd 157-110 +42.74 units as of 10-29-18 seasons end
                      ncaaf 2018 ytd 62-54 -0.4 units as of 12-9-18
                      nfl 2018 54-79-1 -21.4 units as of 12-3-18
                      march madness 2019 24-20-1 +10.4 units as of tourney end
                      mlb 2019 348-245-3 +70.2 units as of 2019 seasons end
                      nfl 2019 54-54 -21.2 units as of seasons end
                      ncaaf 2019 34-43-1 -12.43 units as of seasons end
                      mlb 2020 ytd 31-19 +14.35 units as of 8-3-20


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                        One of my favorite all time members, was one of the first to welcome me at the old place.... had many a great late night 2ndh in the NBA with Rah, I burned one in your memory Rah

                        Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                          Really awful news.....just awful....

                          A beloved memeber of the fantasy nascar community and of course the Predictem community...and Im sure that was just a small part of what made RahStah a special person to his friends and family....

                          He will be sadly missed...
                          If it ain't fun, don't do it!


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                            One of my favorite posters. no less. This is so fkd up in so many ways.

                            Miss ya Rahstah
                            If its fun, do it


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                              R.I.P. Rah-Stah

                              you will be missed

                              "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
                              -Big Pimpin-