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What happens when you don't study

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  • What happens when you don't study

    They didn't study

    Priceless :sm:
    可你住在有趣的时代 - May you live in interesting times.

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    Oh yeah that is great!!! I've done a few of those in school too. Hard being a smart ass.
    I have 3 rules:

    1) Never get less than 12 hours sleep
    2) Never play poker against a guy that has the same name as a city.
    3) Never date chicks that have tattoos of daggers.


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      The unfortunate thing is that I have seen alot worse from college students...:nuts: :bang:

      I did it myself one-time in geometry...didn't know the definition of "axiom" so I wrote that it was an aggressive laundry detergent used to get the tough stains out"....and I got partial credit even though the true detergent name was "axion".
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        yes very funny


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          $20 bucks says I could study, get a tudor to help me and I STILL wouldn't know half the answers to that ****.
          If its fun, do it


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            Correction: NONE of the answers to that **** LOL
            If its fun, do it


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              Originally posted by yomonte View Post
              Correction: NONE of the answers to that **** LOL

              i dont think you will see any of us disagreeing with you on that bro!


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                haha, that's great. who didn't or hasn't done something similar while completely stumped and frustrated during a test?

                "expand" - :laughing:


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                  That is great. I was never smart enough to come up with a smart ass answer though! Thanks for posting this - I sent it on to a few teacher friends of mine - I think they'll laugh just as hard as I did.
                  If a guy doesn't have any gamble in him, he ain't worth a crap - Evel Knievel
                  What's done in the dark will be brought to the light -Johnny Cash


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                    Haha...Ah boy, I remember those days...
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