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Thanks and BOL to All from Old UC to Predictem

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  • Thanks and BOL to All from Old UC to Predictem

    Just Wanted to Put my 2 Cents Worth in if it is Only worth about 1 Cent now..Only be a place Reached Out to an Old Man That had some Good Fortune But with the Help Here Many Different Ones I Learned yo Stay Balanaced...Bet even Amounts with a $$ of each Other.. Unless Something Big Came Along...Here Lately I have Not be able to Give the Time I Wish I Could...And that Means akot to me Since I have Spend Last 5-6 Years trying to give My ALL to Picks and Picks at a Winning % (And with God's Speed most of the Time I have Come ouy on Top with Winning % )....I Might Pick the NBA Finals when it is Time if things fell Right....Right Now I'm at 50 % or Worse in NBA and That is Not Fair to Me or Anyone that Follows with the 2 Stores Going Full Throtle FreeTime has Became Small and My 3 Kids Playing Didderent Sports (My Middle Son had 10 Baseball Games in 12 Days..Off Only Sat and Sunday)..So will will See when the Finals get Here in NBA and Otherwise I Hope to See Everyone Here at Start of Football...Kevin and Mods Thanks for Getting this Place Goning for All of your Extra Work on here on place and Still Making Picks...Summer will be Buzy..Hoping to Get Middle Boy in an AAU Team for Baseball for 15-16 yrs old....I wll Be Around and If Anyony EVER Needs Me you are Welcome to get my E-mail form Kevin or a Mod....God Speed and When you are Seating at More Picking out a Winner During a Storm on a Card and ya Hear a Clammer of Thunder..Then that will be My PIck....So..

    Good Luck to Everyone..Hammer em..!!
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    Lo there do I See my Father.....Lo there do I See my Mother.....and My Sisters and My Brothers... Lo there do I See the Line of My People Back to the Beginning...Lo they do Call to Me...They Bid Me...Take My Place Among Them...In The Halls of VALHALLA...Where the Brave...May Live...FOREVER..!!

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    You are ALWAYS welcome here anytime my friend.

    I think we all tone it down a bit during this time of year to recharge for foots.

    See you then if not sooner!


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      Daaaaamn Thor, with all you got goin' on, I'm suprised you have time to lurk let alone cap. GL Bro
      If its fun, do it


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        Wish the BOL to you and your's Thor! May you endeavors be profitable!!! You just keep watching those kids...they grow up way too fast!!!

        See ya in the foots!!! :beerbang:
        From one beer lover to another! Strohs Beer!

        Lost all control of my record!! It's a new year Let's see if I can do better! :drunk:


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          That running around tires ya out, makes ya feel old, but when them days is over ya wishes ya had 'em back that's for sure! make the best of them Brohammer and see ya in college foots! :beerbang:
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            Thor, always enjoyed your posts. Enjoy those young, they grow up so fast! Will look forward to foots, whence ya come back and visit. I don't post much here, but really feel it is a "family" here. You'll never regret taking time with the kids. Believe me, the family understands. Enjoy! :thumbs:
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            RESULTS:(+6.45 U's)

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              Thor, I know what you mean, I haven't had a lot of time to post either this summer. Hopefully things will slow down when football season rolls around. Have a great summer!


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                Post whenever ya have time man!

                As far as I know, no one on their death bed wishes they had just one more bet on sports... but I'm sure everyone wishes they'd spen more time with the family.



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                  hurry back thor.

                  remember tom petty said it never slow down, you never grow old...


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                    Thor - It's awesome that you've got your priorities and you're acting on those priorities. 5 years from now your memories are going to be of your family, not from that 6 game winning streak that you posted.

                    BOL and look forward to seeing you "Lurking"
                    "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives" Jackie Robinson


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                      Thor- we got here about the same time in late '03 and you have been a positive force on this site since then. Time moves on and we all get older and have less time for stuff like this ( My time will be short here starting in a couple weeks and i have cut way back on my gambling in the past year anyway due to losing interest and time. I am fortunate, though, to have met some great people on this site and gotten together with a number of them (except JoePa who always stiffs me in Columbus on gameday with some lame excuse why he couldn't make the OSU game). Just relax and enjoy the site when you have the chance. You put WAAYYYYY too much pressure on yourself to post winners. This is about the 9th one of these type posts you have posted expressing your lack of time and disappointment in your record when things have been going south for you in football, hoops whatever. People respect your opinion whether it is the right or the wrong one. Heck, I didn't post hockey this year until the playoffs because i had no time to do multiple sports and i chose CBB as i was doing well at it for the most part. Corey and Queen don't come around much anymore either. Post when you can, have a great summer, enjoy your kids and the time with them and be glad you're always welcome, appreciated and wanted somewhere whether you're good or you suck!
                      I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                        Flyers said about everything I would even think of reason to try and top that.

                        Either way....take care Thor! I know I will see you back around!!
                        If it ain't fun, don't do it!