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  • Kevin, advice please...

    I have been using 5dimes for some time now. I requested my first payout via FedEx check. It came 5 days later. Very nice. I deposited the check. This was a month ago. My bank has still not received funds from the other bank. They have told me they believe it to be a fraudulent check. I have called 5 dimes a few times and spoken to people. I have given them my banks contact information and they said they would have their bank call. the first two times the manager assigned my account did not even get a call. the third time she did received a call and was told that the other bank shows the check was processed back on the 4th. This was in my bank's words "bogus information" as they did not even send the check to processing till a later date. My bank then asked that proof of this be sent to my representative for verification and my bank was told that 5dimes's bank would fax over the information within a half hour. It's been 8 hours and my bank has tried to call them back twice (during business hours) with no response. Please advise me on what you think I should do next.

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    Email me every tidbit of info at including your account number, dates etc.

    I will forward to our contact who will definitely follow up on it.