Casey Kasem died today. He was 82.

In today's day and age, I can't imagine sitting next to my radio for hours listening to America's top 40 but that's exactly one of the things we did as kids back in the early 80's. There wasn't much else to do!

Sure, we went outside and played. Watched the "mlb game of the week" on Saturday morning, rode our bikes, played outside etc. At one time or another though, there's a better than good chance that you tuned in to your local radio station to hear Kasem's iconic voice "counting down" the top songs in the land.

He always seemed to bring people's song dedications to life as well, often times picking out some sappy letter somebody had sent in that almost made you feel like you knew the people he was talking about.

Like a GREAT baseball announcer, he told a story. In my estimation, his style of conveying stories was a gift. I will miss his iconic voice.

On a selfish note, I feel like part of my childhood died today. However, I am happy that I had the opportunity to enjoy him over the years as to have had an lost, is better than to have never had at all.

With a heavy heart, "Thanks for the memories Casey"

Rest in Peace!