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  • Neteller question(s)...

    This is mostly aimed at Kevin but I'll take any input.

    First Kevin I wanted to let you know 5 dimes did resolve my check issue. It took a month, but it's all good now, thanks for the advice. My current concern is Neteller.

    Basically towards the end of their time with US customers I had a couple bounced payments. I've been in contact with them trying to get it resolved. I was informed today by their collections manager that they are no longer pusuing collection on US accounts.

    This got me reading a bit and a little bit concerned. First, this is part of the aritcle that got me concerned.

    NETELLER is continuing to cooperate with the investigation being conducted by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (“USAO”), under the advice of its legal advisers and in accordance with court orders in the Isle of Man. The Company is in discussions with the USAO for the purpose of resolving the investigation. The Company has advised the USAO that it will use its best efforts to resolve the investigation no later than 13 July 2007.

    What is this investigation? Is it into clients of the company, the company or both? Is there any concern as a user of Neteller that this could cause a problem for me?

    Secondly, what are the odds that Neteller stays in business and more importantly starts doing business with the US again? I have no problem paying my debt to them, that's why I was trying to reach them, but I don't want to assume that "Great, this is taken care of." and then in 2 years hear from them wanting money.

    Please offer any input you can thanks.


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    Neteller froze everybody's funds. They are sitting on millions of americans dollars and have been for months.

    Around July 13th they are supposed to start paying those out. You shouldnt be affected at all.

    As far as Neteller ever doing business in the US again, that may or may not happen. It all depends on if online gambling becomes legalized. I would think no, especially since there wouldnt be a reason to use them as credit cards would work again.