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  • Sicko

    Was able to see Michael Moore's new documentary, Sicko last, it is a must see. I can't believe some of the things I saw. What a racket the Pharmaceutical and Medicare industries are running. I reccommend it to Moore supporters...and to Moore haters...this is a bi-partisan film IMO (unlike some of his others in some peoples opinion), that exposes some crazy atrocities.

    Not trying to start a political debate, because everyone, right or left wing, Christian or other that reside in the US, and have the ability to get sick is affected by these scam artists. Just crazy.

    Anyway...good health, and happiness to all your families...
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    Well Alex Jones finally got what he wanted out of good old
    Michael Moore's
    Michael Moore Thinks 9/11 May Be An Inside Job

    Alex Jones 6-19-07 1of13

    Now if you want to get crazy as I know Beerman does, I found Terrorstorm to be a great video!!!

    TerrorStorm Deluxe High Quality (Alex Jones)
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