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My favorite XMas memory

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  • My favorite XMas memory

    I was coming home from work day after XMas and a boy in my trailer park had a red wagon and red plastic fire hat and he had a rope tied to his dog pulling him around. As I got closer I noticed he had the rope tied to the dogs balls. I stopped and told the boy if he tied the rope around his shoulders he would pull you faster. The boy said and I quote " but then I'd lose my siren"

    My girlfriend still doesn't get it LOL

    Merry XMas
    If its fun, do it

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      YO! LMFAO.....:laughing:

      Man, I have so many stories being one of 7 kids! I just remember how bright the Christmas tree was, how my dad would go down the steps first to turn the lights on and see if Santa came after we woke him up at 5am.....and then the free-for-all and wrapping paper fights. Going to grandmas to open up more gifts, having mom's homemade noodles on top of mashed potatoes and her famous cherry cheesecake. The the finality of the day was going to my cousins house....they live a block away and had 8 kids. Talk about too much stimulation in one, but we loved it.

      Probably my worst christmas memory was when i got a pro action rod hockey game, and one of my stupid cousins tripped and fell on it breaking the "ice" never worked right after that.....:bang:
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