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Anybody ever dug for diamonds in Arkansas?

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  • Anybody ever dug for diamonds in Arkansas?

    I was watching the travel channel and there's some state park in Arkansas where you can actually dig for diamonds.

    Some young girl just dug up a 3 karat rock worth 15-60k they said.

    Any of you guys ever been there?

    Would love to hear about your experience there.

    Was it crowded? Did you see anybody find any stones?

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    I live in Arkansas, but have never been there. My dad used to love it when he was alive.

    Don't know how crowded it is, but I doubt if it is. Murfreesboro is not highly populated. You hear on the news every year or two that a big diamond was found. Somebody found one just walking on a trail this year.


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      Jerbeek and I plan on hunting this place down. You'll have to come with us!


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        Gotta be more profitable than betting the bases!!!!!! Here's a website that you can go to.

        Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas - keep what you find in this finders keepers diamond mine


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          Kevin....when I lived in AR-Kansas, the newspaper I worked for did a story on the place. I was sent there to take photographs. Seems to me that lots of people on their last dime were there looking to score big. It wasn't that crowded, but I always thought I could go there and find a big shiney rock....but never went back. Now that I live in oHIo, I probably have lost the chance to get back there....but if ya do go....go down to Grady, get you a Cherry-Lime at the old gas station, and look up "Big G", Cedell Davis, a famous bluesman who has polio and plays the chords with a butter knife over the top of the guitar neck not under it.....we did a story on him too.....a French TV crew came over and filmed him...they love him in France!

          There's lots to do in Arkansas from Hot Spings and Oaklawn Park horse racing to calling the hogs at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock....and the best BBQ is on the delta!~:beerbang:
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            I have never done this but my sister's family does this every summer. They have been to over 10 different Gem digging places. She has found alot of neat stuff. But she said she has just about broke even on the money they spent. They really did not go to get rich. LOL Just went for the fun and something to do.
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              I did hear that if you dig in the right places you can find horse terds as big as diamonds. Never tried it hough. Good luck!!


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                I have a friend who is fanatical about gold digging/panning/etc., comes up nice sometimes. Found a 5 ounce nug last week. No diamonds though.