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  • $3,000 Traffic Ticket....

    Virginians Face $3,000.00 Traffic Ticket

    (July 1) - Virginia is for lovers, or so the state slogan has declared since 1969. Starting today, Virginia also will be the home of the $3,000 traffic ticket. In an effort to raise money for road projects, the state will start hitting residents who commit serious traffic offenses with huge civil penalties.
    The new civil charges range from $750 to $3,000 and be added to existing fines and court costs. The civil penalty for going 20 mph over the speed limit will be $1,050, plus $61 in court costs and a fine that is typically about $200.

    Virginia's traffic law is one of several thousand new state laws that take effect Sunday. Jan. 1 and July 1 are the most popular dates for state laws to become official.

    July 1 is especially popular for new taxes and fees because it's the start of the budget year in 46 states. For example, Arkansas will cut its sales tax on groceries from 6% to 3% Sunday.

    Virginia's new traffic penalties are expected to raise $65 million a year and are part of an effort to improve the state's roads without raising taxes.

    A first-time drunken driver will face a $2,250 civil penalty, plus fines and court costs that typically run about $500 or more. Driving without a license? That's a mandatory $900 civil penalty, in addition to the ordinary $100 for a fine and court costs.

    "It's outrageous," says traffic court attorney Thaddeus Furlong of Springfield, Va. "When Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class find out what they have to pay, there's going to be a backlash like you've never seen."

    Some other states impose extra civil penalties for traffic offenses, but the cost is usually $100 or $200, Furlong says. "What sets this apart is the Draconian size of the civil penalties," he says.

    Another difference: The civil penalties apply only to Virginia residents, not out-of-state drivers. Virginians must pay in three installments over 26 months or lose their licenses. The state Legislature didn't think it could enforce the extra penalties in other states.


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    Damn politicians!!!!!! Why can't they learn to just work within their budget like the rest of us have to.

    The average Joe won't complain about this until they have to pay it. Typical attitude of the average american. If the tax doesn't effect them directly, they are for it. Non smokers and drinkers love the taxes on tobacco and liquor.

    If they ever legalize on line gambling, somebody will pay out the assssssss.

    I say do away with all taxes except for 1----a national sales tax. If anyone buys, they pay. The more you buy, the more you pay.


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      I remember way back when I got my first ticket: 55 in a 25, went to court and paid $28.00...

      This **** is gettin' outta hand if ya ask me!!!!

      Dont even wanna talk about the taxes on the beer & cigs... I go to the game in a building, that was partially paid for, by the drinkers and smokers, can't smoke, but I can buy a beer for $8.00


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        Bend know Big Brother always gets his.....:bang:
        Batman: "If you can't spend it, money's just a lot of worthless paper, isn't it?" :phew: