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6'10" 12 year old basketball player (incredible)

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  • 6'10" 12 year old basketball player (incredible)

    Me thinks we'll be hearing A LOT about this kid down the road. He looks like the real deal!

    <iframe width='560' height='354' src="//" frameborder='0' allowfullscreen ></iframe>

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    not sure the video is working Kevin. i see an iframe, tried with copy/pasting the link but doesn't load


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      Try this:

      I got that link to work in a Firefox browser.

      This kid is unbelievable. I'm not completely sure I believe that he's 12, but then again his body does kinda look like he's got some baby fat still and when he raises his arms I didnt see any pithair.

      This guy will be the second coming of all things good if he stays straight and makes it. Those skills are off the hook. He looks agile and freakishly coordinated!


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        yep that works.

        Crazy, reminds me of the body of Zion Williamson, but he's only 12


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          Hey, I never did welcome you to our board. Welcome! We're not big by any means but it's a tight knit community that doesn't tolerate clowns so hopefully you will enjoy your stay here!