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Predictem Welcomes Daws1089 as it's newest Moderator!

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  • Predictem Welcomes Daws1089 as it's newest Moderator!

    I'd like to welcome long time forum member Daws1089 to our group of Moderators!

    I spoke to him on the horn for an hour or so and he's a good dude!

    Thanks for hanging with us for all these years Bryan!

    There are no obligations with being a Mod. If you happen to stumble across something that you think sucks or that is ugly for the community, it simply gives you the ability to ban a turd user, edit or delete somebody's post or close a thread.

    Thanks again for your loyalty to the site and thank you for helping keep our little community clean!


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    Much deserved DAWS - congrats on the promotion to the MOD family!
    If it ain't fun, don't do it!


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      "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
      -Big Pimpin-


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        congrats Daws i've seen your posts for years, you deserve it.:thumbs::thumbs:
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