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Dodgers starting picture ?

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  • Dodgers starting picture ?

    anyone know why the dodgers changed starting pictures ?

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    Originally posted by justabrake View Post
    anyone know why the dodgers changed starting pictures ? mean like from the Saw4 to the Shining....or from Vacation to Fletch....or are you more talking like yearbook photos??
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      funny; so I was in a rush to post and a little pissed here, they canceled my wager anyone know why he isn't pitching ?

      I am writing to you with regards to your recent MLB baseball wager (ID(s) xxxxxxxxx) featuring the Philadelphia Phillies and LA Dodgers which is due to take place tomorrow, October 15th at 20:05 ET.

      Unfortunately, all wagers on this game have been “No-Actioned” due to a pitcher change. The starter pitcher for the LA Dodgers and listed pitcher "Wolf" is out, in his place "Kershaw" will start the game. The funds have been placed back in your wagering account (Account ID: xxxxxxxxx) however if these wagers were part of a parlay, the wagers will revert to the next lower payout. It should also be noted that if you had this wager as part of an IF Win or IF Action wager, the wager will be graded in accordance with our house rules.

      Please note that that the following is stated on site:

      "Baseball wagers are accepted as ‘Listed.’ In the event of a pitching change prior to the game, all wagers on the game with said listed pitchers are considered ‘no-action’."

      We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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        Torre went with Kershaw because he came up big in the Dodgers' division-clinching win against Colorado on Oct. 3. He pitched six scoreless innings in that game, striking out his first five batters and retiring his first 11 in a row.

        "He's the most mature 21-year-old kid I've run across,'' teammate Randy Wolf said. "At the same time, he's stubborn and that's good because I don't want a pushover guy. If he's throwing strikes, he's pretty amazing.''

        The rest of the Dodgers' rotation will be Vicente Padilla, Hiroki Kuroda and Wolf, who would pitch Game 4 against his old team in Philadelphia.
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          I don't think this was a good change for the dodges, they had picked there starter and should have kept it that way,

          I'm not betting this first game now ! I was comfortable with wolf starting, that said I have a feeling now the dodges are going to loose this first game, JMO

          Thanks for the Info on this!


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            Kershaw is the best pitcher LAD has. The kid is an uncredible talent and had proven he can pitch under pressure. It's logical to get him in game 1 and take your best shot at opening the series on the right foot.

            Am I ingainjng things, or is Pedro the fossil Martinez listed to start game 2? Where the hell is Joe Blanton? Apparently Chuckie Manuel is comfortable going back to Philly down 0-2 and at the very best (with a win from Lee and someone else) coming back to LA needing both games.

            IMHO LA wins this thing in either 4 of 5. Pedro sucks, Happ is burned out (blew bad bs COL as a starter and reliever), Hamels hasn't been that great either and is riding the rep of last year, Lee can't pitch every day, and they have their 2nd best SP throwing long relief, which is probably good, cause with Pedro starting and the way Happ has looked, they're probably gonna need all the long relief they can get.


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              I agree Stiff.
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                Hope we're right :beerbang:

                And LOL at the grammar errors. Typed that on my iphone. Yikes, lol