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Does Frank Thomas belong in the Hall of Fame?

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  • Does Frank Thomas belong in the Hall of Fame?

    With the retirement announcement of Frank Thomas in the media, many are putting in their two cents worth regarding whether he's a hall of fame candidate or not since he spent most of his career as a DH. Personally, I think that thought is a joke. He was one of the most feared hitters of the 1990's.

    Check out <a href="">our take</a> and feel free to post yours in this thread as well.
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    Being a Twins fan, he was always feared by our team, and I always held my breath with him at bat. I was surprised to see he was only a five-time all-star during his 19(?)-year career.
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      I think he hurt his image and/or made people forget how good he once was by playing at least 5 years too long and that may hinder his chances.


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        500+ hrs, .300+ lifetime batting average... never linked to steroids... my fave player growing up.. it'd be a sin for him not to be a first ballot HOF