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  • First Post/ Coming From Another Thread

    Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share my posts with everyone. I am coming from another thread that was just full of asses wanting to tear me down every time I had a loss. I run a formula and wanted to share my plays with some mature sports bettors. I'll post my history, but I don't expect anyone to buy in until they have seen it working for awhile. I will post my top plays everyday with the value the formula has in them.

    Games valued Over 3: 123-62 Win % = 66.49% (+$2579)

    Games Valued Over 4: 57-22 Win % = 72.17% (+$2196)

    Games Valued Over 5: 32-12 Win % = 72.73% (+$1621)

    Today, we have 3 plays

    Toronto -135 / Value = 6

    Houston -225 / Value = 3.25

    LA Dodgers -170 / Value = 3.25

    Every play is for 1 unit, unless otherwise stated. 1 unit is to win 1 unit on Favs, and 1 unit flat on dogs
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    Welcome aboard! Forums can be brutal with regard to degenerate aholes and keyboard warriors. We do not allow that here.

    On an unrelated note, we have a rule here where anybody new coming to post must start with a fresh record at 0-0. As I'm sure you can imagine, we've had dozens of people come here touting records produced elsewhere (usually false) with the intent of gaining a following and going tout. We do not allow that here nor do we allow links or mentions of other sites/services etc.

    I'm sure you can understand our reasoning.

    We'd love to have ya here if you're kosher with our rules.