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Got Work Early, Need Help With Tomorrow's Card

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  • Got Work Early, Need Help With Tomorrow's Card

    Wow, I woulda been up today if i wasn't so impatient. I promise, I will never take a first half only play again. UNC Charlotte looks terrible first half, and comes back to win SU second half, sickening.

    Anyways, I have work at 10:45 tomorrow, so I would like some help on finishing up my card before I leave. No college hoops tomorrow, cuz i know nothing about any team that is playing, but luckily there is a large card of NBA games. Looking to find 5-6 plays for tomorrow. Sounds like a lot, but just needa fish out the best ones.

    Early Looks:

    Milwaukee @ NY: PICK O/U 194
    So is Milwaukee that bad that it would be pick against a new york team that just lost by 50 points? O/U 194 is pretty high for a team that nearly set a franchise low for points.

    Indiana +2.5 @ Seattle O/U 214
    Seattle is young, and I have no idea how Indiana has been staying competitive or winning some of these games. Seattle game has gone under a lot lately.

    Orlando +5 @ Phoenix O/U 213
    Orlando is really coming on, but Phoenix is still Phoenix. Dwight howard is a force in the middle, and has impressed as of late. Phoenix couldn't reach 100 against Houston, but their defense is solid as well. What to think here.

    San Antonio -9.5 @ Minnesota O/U 193
    Minnesota came back to do a nice backdoor on Dallas the other night. San Antonio got their asses handed to them late in Sacramento. Line is about right here, as I would expect a 12-14 spread if Minny were on the road. Minnesota is one of those enigma teams though, I never know what to expect from them. Last time I bet them they were up 10 with 5 mins left, and ended up losing by more than 10 against the wizards.

    Washington +1.5 @ Philly O/U 196.5
    Philly came across a nice game against the pathetic Bucks where they layed so much that the game went over. Washington has come on strong as of late in the absense of Gilbert Arenas. I really like this team ball their playing, but I hate Washington on the road.

    Boston -2 @ Miami O/U 188
    Welcome to the rematch of a surprising game from weeks past. Miami took it to Boston early, lost the lead late, and went on a heck of a run to end the game. Not sure if I can take Miami again this time though. I just don't see them beating this Boston team.

    Lakers +8 @ Utah O/U 213
    Denver -9.5 vs. Clippers O/U 205
    Can't cap these two until the conclusion of tonight's game.

    Early Thoughts Anyone?
    2020 Playoffs
    6-2 Plays, 0-1 Leans

    2020 Season
    18-16-1 Plays, 18-18-1 Leans

    2019 Season
    15-8 plays, 7-6 leans, 2-1 Heavy MLs

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    I wouldn't touch the Pacers/Sonics under. The pace will favor an over, IMO it could be a win for the home dog.

    Other dogs I'm considering are the Heat & Magic. Everyone will be on the Celtics, but this is a big time revenge game. How can you not think the Heat can beat the C's when they lost by just 1 on the road? Rested team at home off a loss playing a public road fave on a b2b. I just wish that the Knicks would have done more today, because the Boston starters will be rested. Orlando is a damn good team & IMO they're catching too many. I've concluded that the Suns are on a downswing, & will not tear through the league this season. The Magic IMo will have the decided edge on the boards, could be a good game. The Bucks opened at a pick, but after the NY bebacle, they shot to a fave. I don't like the idea of the Bucks as a road fave, but damn the Knicks looked horrid tonight! I already played the Bucks small in a parlay. The line was low to begin with because of the Bucks road record....

    Haven't really looked into anything else yet. GL :thumbs:
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