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    NBA 1/14:

    New Jersey -5

    Sacramento +6

    0.5 Unit Each

    Lots that looks good tonight, but just trying to get back into the swing of NBA for now. GL everyone! :thumbs:
    NFL YTD: 0-0-0 (0.00 Units)
    NCAAF YTD: 1-0-0 (+0.45 Units)

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    1-1 night.

    Didn't see the game, but NJ's ESPN highlights looked absolutely horrible. I've had the worst time with Memphis this year by far, but NJ is kind of similar, just play them less. Even still, both are on my radar along with ATL and Indy for the rest of the season.

    Boone and Williams getting minutes could be good and NJ possibly improves as they settle in. Not certain, but NJ might have had a similar slow start in recent years before picking it up. I've been off on Memphis so who knows, but... New coach and system/style, young core growing together, and rook PG just now starting -- all reasons for any team to be up and down like Memphis has, but IMO also characteristics that can potentially result in improvement as the season goes...barring a Gasol trade.

    Thought I accidentally screwed up my NBA record, so I checked back. Other than being short 3 wins, it was right on, lol. For future reference.....

    NBA: 46-54-2 (-6.87 Units)
    NFL YTD: 0-0-0 (0.00 Units)
    NCAAF YTD: 1-0-0 (+0.45 Units)