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    7-6 (-.8 units)

    Went 2-0 yesterday, almost out of the red.......

    Charlotte -4 (2 units) --Charlotte finally able to come home where they actually play well at. A huge road trip was devastating with 4 straight losses. However 3 days rest should be just the thing needed for them to start playing well again. New Jersey has looked very bad the last 3 or 4 games and another road game doesn't go very well for them either.

    Lakers +1.5 (2 units) --On the 6th game of their road trip you would think going against the Lakers would be the play, however they still have another 4 games or so on their road trip so I don't think all the road games will come into play yet. After losing a game they should have won at Atlanta, you can bet Kobe will have his team ready to play. Orlando doesn't have the fire power to stay with the Lakers.

    Under Portland Detriot 180.5 (2 units) --No Brandon Roy will definetely cause Portland to have more shooting issues againt tonite. I put Portland scoring around 80 points in this game especially with the way Detriot plays defense at home. I just hope Portland can play enough defense to keep Detriot around 90 to 95 points so that this under will come in.

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    Originally posted by templeowls33 View Post
    7-6 (-.8 units)
    Orlando doesn't have the fire power to stay with the Lakers.

    Not really sure what "fire power" correlates to, but I'd be interested in hearing what you think it is, cause I think the Magic should win tonight.
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      GL Owls, like that under play, only concern being a huge blowout :thumbs:
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        Yea same here, Detriot helped a lot by scoring only 10 in the 4th quarter, almost was the blowout I wasn't hoping for, 2-1 another profitable night