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NBA wedz with flmmkrz

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  • NBA wedz with flmmkrz

    indiana +10.5 @ -105 to win 2 units

    2 more games im likely playing but might get better lines on them so will play them closer to game time

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    my apologies to anyone who tailed but im out of this game. I hope it wins but the late limits put on this game pushed me out. Not that im betting more than the limits but it skews my numbers as every game I bet where im on the dog and the limits go on has ended up against me, so I just sit them out now.


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      GSW -2 @ -120 to win 2 units


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        Seattle +7 @ -112 to win 2 units


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          freakin monte ellis couldnt bury a ft to give me a winner instead I push and I gotta watch the useless sonics go ice cold in the 4th after keeping it close most of the night. Announcers were right in this game, jazz get some very favorable calls cause of their rep for tough d. Not that it would've changed the outcome by much but its sickening watching these guys hack away and nothing.

          -2.24 units