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EdwardHaney "Is Back" Thursday (02/21/08)

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  • EdwardHaney "Is Back" Thursday (02/21/08)

    I signed up here a long time ago (one of the very first, in fact) however this is my first post. Some of the veterans here probably remember me from the old place. I did not quit betting, just took a break from posting. A lot has changed since I last posted. I moved from the Kansas City area to Austin, TX. After a 6 month stay there I moved to Houston, where I plan on being for a long time. Also, I made my first ever trip to Las Vegas in January. I loved it so much that I already told my girlfriend we are making it an annual trip.

    I'm an active bettor in CFB, NBA, NFL, CBB, and ATP. My units are $100 in everything except ATP (where I go with $50 units), but I'll bet up to as much as $500 in a game if I feel there's extreme value. I almost always bet sides, rarely totals and ML's. My favorite teams are the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas St. Wildcats, and Phoenix Suns. Now that I live in H-town I've somewhat taken on the Rockets and Texans but they aren't in my blood yet like the others I listed. My betting style focuses more on the emotional aspects of the game and less on the raw statistics.

    Let's get to the handicapping. Starting with a 0-0-0 record on Predictem.

    Houston has won 9 games in a row, and 13 out of 14. However they have been logging wins against a bunch of teams that don't really impress me. They are in a spot tonight where they may relax a little bit too much. I don't think they'll get up for this one like they would if a premier Western Conference team was coming to town. With the conclusion of the Suns game last night, Miami can now move forward with the post-Shaq era. I expect a lot of energy from the Heat and they will be looking at the 2nd half of the season like they are starting 0-0. Marion always plays well on this many days rest, and Wade will be the best player on the court in this game. The Rockets winning streak is due to end soon, and when you're on a long streak like they are each game gets a little bit tougher until finally somebody takes you down. Houston is in the middle of an intense war to secure a playoff spot, and Miami will be playing fresh and with nothing to lose. A nice battle on TNT, with the Heat star players wanting to make a good showing on national television. I look for Miami to cover and possibly win outright (for you ML'ers) with the Rockets looking ahead to Friday night's game in the NOLA.

    Miami +11 -110

    What an NBA season we've had! We're over halfway home and we know absolutely nothing about the Western Conference at this point. Here's my quick takes on teams around the league to give everyone a better idea of where I stand:


    Los Angeles is the favorite in my mind, they are on a mission. You can make a case that Bryant, Odom, Gasol, Vujacic, and Turiaf are all playing the best basketball of their careers. This team is oozing with depth when you talk about Walton, Bynum, Fisher, Radmanovic, and Farmar. These guys are for real.

    San Antonio is set to get Parker back any day now and the value of Kurt Thomas is underrated. These guys just need to be careful that they don't fall too far behind in the standings and end up on the road throughout the playoffs. Some of the best basketball I've ever seen be played came from the Spurs last May-June. They put on a basketball clinic during the playoffs. With a healthy trio of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili, they may just be able to repeat.

    Phoenix has had better chemistry since dumping Marion, and I do believe they will be better off because of the trade when the playoffs come around. Amare Stoudemire is one of the most freakish athletes I've ever seen. His outside shot gets sweeter by the day. I'm bothered by the fact that they have such a poor record against the elite teams. Nash's window is closing. Steve Kerr pushed his chips all-in. It's championship or bust. Do they have the depth? Boris Diaw can make or break this team, and that scares me.

    Utah was able to pick up some valuable experience by advancing to the Western Conference Finals one year ago. I like the makeup of this team. They definitely aren't missing any pieces to the puzzle in my opinion. When I look at this team I see a superstar big man, a superstar guard, and a nicely put together cast of role players. They can be physical yet they can get out and run. Not a lot of weaknesses here. For some reason they aren't being talked about as much as some of the other teams, so they will have the advantage of flying under the radar.

    New Orleans has had this ability for the past few years, but injuries and not having a home has slowed them down. It seems that Chris Paul's was borno to play basketball. This is a very likeable team, but I think people are just waiting for them to fall off a bit. I don't think it's going to happen. They will continue to be great. I just don't know if the city is ready to give them the extra little lift they'll need to get through to the Finals.

    Dallas has been through a lot the past 2 seasons. Handing Miami the championship on a platter, followed the next year by losing in the first round to Golden State after one of the greatest regular season's ever. Last year they couldn't lose. This year they struggle even when they win. The trade for Kidd was despirate. Nowitzki is playing with a lot of heart right now and I admire that, but I'm leaning towards Dallas being one-and-done again this year.

    Houston has been red hot, and is comfortable on the road. The teams they've beaten recently have been mostly cupcakes though so the verdict is still out on these guys. I don't like McGrady as a superstar player and I don't see him leading a team to a championship. In my opinion they are still a pretender, but since they play terrific defense and have shown they can win on the road, they will not die easily.

    Denver should be one of the best teams in the league, but instead they are just average. During international play Carmelo Anthony seems as if he's the best basketball player on the planet. Iverson is still a tough-nosed guard who's been to the Finals before. Camby is a one of a kind player who brings experience and sick interior defense, and has managed to stay healthy. The Nuggets opponents also have the disadvantage of playing at altitude. They have good depth. If they could commit to playing some team defense they could be a serious contender, but they will likely be one-and-done.

    Detroit is easily the favorite to win the Eastern Conference. They could be tested in a series that may be hosted by Boston, but I see them coming out of it victorious. They will match up with a team from the West that will have had to go through hell and back just to get to the Finals, and they're experience and the fact that this group has played together for so long will give them a realistic chance to win it all.

    If Boston doesn't win the championship in the next couple of years, they are seriously going to regret letting Al Jefferson get away from them. They will be in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pistons, and as long as they hang onto home court advantage they will have a slight chance in that series. I like the fact that they close games well for the most part.

    Cleveland is an ugly team. LeBron James however, is the MVP of the league. It would be a travesty if he doesn't get the hardware. Imagine this man on a team that had any other talent at all. I know they went all the way last year, but I do think it was a bit of a fluke. I love LBJ, but they are not one of the 2 best teams in the East this year.

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    Welcome back Edward! :thumbs:



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      Obviously you don't pay attention to the games if you think the Cavs have no talent.


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        Originally posted by TheGoods420 View Post
        Obviously you don't pay attention to the games if you think the Cavs have no talent.
        Spoken like a true homer. Gibson is pretty good, everyone else sucks.


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          Originally posted by TheGoods420 View Post
          Obviously you don't pay attention to the games if you think the Cavs have no talent.

          You're right. I haven't watched a basketball game all year. :thumbs:

          Cleveland plays defense and hits the offensive boards. They have no flow on offense. The word I used was 'ugly'. I was saying a team with LeBron on it would be unstoppable if they had another superstar that demanded a little attention. Larry Hughes can't even shoot 40%, and Drew Gooden is one of the laziest players I've ever seen. Ira Newble? Gibson can ball a little bit though. I root for this team to do well, as I'm a HUGE LeBron James fan.