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  • friday

    went and found record: 43-41-2 +3.55 u

    been waiting for a play i really like to get back in it

    3 units

    SIXERS-SUNS over 218= vegas calling for the 110-108 type final but imo that is shortchanging the victor's point total, should be a tight game as sixers have a lot of confidence and playing great at home, suns will come to play for sure as they have revenge and also have lost 2 straight. after playing the pistons and celts, 2 solid defensive teams, suns should find it easier to score running with the sixers. the sixers dont mind playing uptempo at all, they beat the suns 119-114 already, and ran with the nuggets en route to a win a few games ago. i think the winner will hang 120+ and i dont think the loser will be too far behind.

    gl :thumbs: