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Hate Missing a Game!! Well Not Any MORE…

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  • Hate Missing a Game!! Well Not Any MORE…

    Hey guys,

    With this round of the playoff closing in, can’t say I would have wanted anything different with the playoffs - Detroit and Lakers leading. Orlando Magic is another Dark Horse to watch out for… my bets are on them…

    We had some real close games, controversies; all in all a complete action packed season. Though I personally feel it was shame to hear that Avery Johnson got sacked as coach.
    Well I’ll let you on to the real reason for me being so upbeat, a few days back a friend of my introduced me to this AWESOME mobile app which streams live scores on to my phone, YEAH!! I got to keep track of the game – it was Lakers vs. Denver, I said to myself, “How come I didn’t have this before?”

    Since then I have been hooked on it... for live score updates for all the games in progress, info of my favorite teams – schedules, standings, breaking news, the whole work at a glance no matter where I go. The latest info is automatically pushed to the phone. I have been finding this a really handy to stay in touch with all the coverage surrounding the game while I am on the go, trust me when I say “I haven’t missed a game ever since”.

    It’s a Free app and you can get it by visiting Plusmo Sports: NCAAB User Registration on your phone.

    Am all geared up for the upcoming NBA Finals in June. Have definitely scored a 3pointer with this mobile app.

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    WTF are U tryin' to sell? :puke:


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      NCAAF: Record: 38-50-1 (-30.5 donuts) :bang:
      NFL: Record: 32-28-2 (+55 donuts)
      NBA: Record: 101-85-4 (+82 donuts) :thumbs:
      NCAAB: Records: 99-78-3 (+102 donuts) :beerbang:
      MLB: Record: 1-0-0 (+3 donuts)

      1 donut = $100