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Bull**** 3-pointer

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  • Bull**** 3-pointer

    Did anyone see that buzzer beater to push the Laker game. That really ticks me off!

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    No No I didn't see! Hell I didn't even see the review to see if he got it off on time! Mother****er:bang:

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      didn't that also push the over/under too? So fishy!


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        No one saw it because it came so late that the camera had already shifted away from the play. I actually benefitted from it, but I have yet to even see the replay or hear anything about it. As for the total, I had 193.5 and believe I saw 193 most of the day, so no affect there - just the side.
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          weird ****, i watched it go in.

          then marv albert kept saying will they score that basket? is that going to count? He had the spurs, haha.

          but i flipped to espn right after the game and on the ticker it had Lakers win Western Conference Final 97-92 :laughing:

          Weirdest sequence I've seen regarding the spread.


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            Why the **** did Vujacic shoot the damn thing? He must have laid money on the lakers spread! F'n bull**** IMO. :thumbs:

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              You could hear the crowd egging him on to shoot. I bet hundreds in the fabulous forum needed that 3 ball to go down.


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                Originally posted by homedawg View Post
                Why the **** did Vujacic shoot the damn thing? He must have laid money on the lakers spread! F'n bull**** IMO. :thumbs:
                Haha yup, cause Sasha new he would be in the game with the Lakers up 5 and he would get the ball to be able to shoot a meaningless 3 pointer as time expired.

                Quite the master plan he had

                Basically, he's a young kid who got excited and shot the ball when he shouldn't have because in the NBA they don't do it (sometime in college they will, again kids being overzealous).

                Anyone who thinks that game was fixed because of that shot is a fool though. :laughing: (and I'm not implying anyone in this thread thinks that, but many people do and they are morons).


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                  other meaningless 3- pointer...

                  Last years nba finals...Game 4... damon jones cavs 3 at the buzzer to cover spread by a point.... I'll never forget that one...
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