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Opening Night in the Hizzy

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  • Opening Night in the Hizzy

    hello all...Basketball is one of my favorites, besides for football of course...Looking forward to a profitable season with you all...Good luck and lets have a great season...Only thing I have to look forward to see I'm a huge knicks fan and I hat them all except my little man Nate and Mr. Lee...All plays are 1 unit, which equals $100 beans a game unless otherwise noted..Starting on night one with these:
    YTD Lines:0-0
    YTD Underdog ML's:0-0
    YTD Total units (Most important number, equsted to dough in or out of my pocket):0

    Cleveland +6.5...Public is split 50/50, yet the house has moved the line down against them from 7 to 6.5...No reason to move it unless theres some big action on the cavs..Lebron wants some sort of vindication for his game 7 loss to these celts and maybe their a little confy after their title for at least a little bit anyways..

    Bulls -6: Think the bulls are much improved, Mr/ Rose is going to wreak havoc all year long..Going to roll with the home team and watch the crowd, on opening night push us to victory..See a 10 point victory, give or take a few free throws here or there..

    L.A Lakers -7.5- Jack nicholson on opening propels them to victory..On a serious note, Kobe and co roll at home..Portland is young and very good but its going to take them some time to gel with oden and everyone else...Once they get it together though, you will see me on their side quite often...Just not on opening night in LA, but I really feel that portland team is going to make a run at a title sooner, rather than later and may push for their division title this year...Funnt how im writing as if I bet on them, but not the case, they need some time to get to know each others tendencies...

    Good luck boys and girls...Start of a beautiful relationship with us all, lol...Gametime//woooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo:beerb ang: :thumbs:
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