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  • btk NBA Tuesday

    CAVS + 6.5

    Celtics/Cavs UNDER 180

    1 unit each

    Celtics/Cavs is quickly becomming a great rivalry in the NBA. I look for Lebron to shine on national tv as the stage doesn't get any bigger to start off the season then opening up against the champs. Lebron has looked great during the preseason and the acqusition of Mo Williams gives the Cavs a more consistant everynight scoring threat, somthing that was lacking last season when the team relied on a number of different players stepping up to help Lebron carry the load. A healthy big Z with fresh early season legs is always a good thing too as the C's tended to struggle with centers who could step out and shoot the mid range jumper.

    For the Celtics I expect emotions to be running extremely high and Doc. Rivers has made it a point to his team to stress tonights games importance, bringing up the Miami Heat's poor performance in their first game of the season against the Mavreicks the year after the Heat won the title. They got blown out by the Mavs that game by 40+ if I remeber correctly. The Cletics were and incredible Defensive team last year and it is going to take even more of an effort this year to put up similar numbers now that they have the championship bulls eye on their back. This is going to be a task that is hard to match especially without big game James Posey to lock down opponents. Tony Allen will be stepping into that role and he has the tools if he can put it all together and limit is sometimes frantic looking play. Big question for the C's to open the season right now IMO is the health of Kendrick Perkins. Perk had off season shoulder surgery and played sparingly during the preseason and his minutes are most likely going to be monitored during the first few weeks as he continues to regain strength in the shoulder. News here in Boston is that he is about 75%. This could lead to more foul trouble for Perk who struggled with this issue already, and the absence of PJ Brown puts alot more pressure on the guys like Leon Powe and Glen Davis. Both of whom had their troubles with committing fouls last season as well. May even see the rookie Patrick O'Bryant tonight. Rajon Rondo also missed the Celts last two preseason games with an ankle sprain but it is said that he practiced at full speed over the weekend and looks to be 100%. This is huge as IMO Rondo breaks out this year. That said I like the Lebron's to keep it very close tonight if not pull of the win in a defensive battle.

    looking at the later games now......
    NFL '12

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    GL BTK :thumbs:
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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      Chicago/Milwakee Under 194
      1 unit
      NFL '12


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        Lakers -8
        1 Unit
        NFL '12


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          Always nice to start the season with a few wins. Plenty to choose from tonight, at first glance like:

          Miami Heat +3 - Knicks are still a bad team and might as well play the Heat while DWade is healthy!

          Indiana Pacers +10 Pacers have some good size at the center and power forward position and IMO they should be able to control the boards tonight. Not high on the Pistons this year and IMO the young Pacers squad hangs around.

          Also looking at the Spurs and waiting for the Lakers line to come out.
          NFL '12