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  • ***Udoggie's Spooky Tatts***

    Straight 6-9 -4.05 units

    Dog ML 2-2 +3.42 units

    2-1 yesterday....

    Knicks/Sixers o107.5 1sth


    Clippers/Nuggets o100 1sth


    2 units each
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...

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    NY/Phila over- Already stated the other day that NY will be a fast paced team this season, & books know it too. This total is set high for a reason. I was hoping for a 210 game, but that didn't happen. Sets up good situationally imo, aslong as it isn't a blowout. Philly is off a home opening loss, scoring just 84 points vs Toronto (34fg/25% 3pt). Despite that they had 18 fast break points, & should get plenty more opportunities tonight. They are on the front end of a b2b as they are @ATL tomorrow. The Knicks beat the Heat with thier new uptempo style. They allowed 14 fast break points & had 14 themselves. Once they got hot, they seemed to play very careless & cocky- Crawford played well overall but one particular play he attempted a stupid And 1 pass & threw it away. It's sticking in my mind right now & honestly is keeping me off the Knicks lol. NY does have one thing going for them....the last time they played a regulaton game @Phil, they were clobbered 124-84. They did play 2 preseason games vs each other this season, so I don't know how much stock can be put into that revenge angle. Most that know the way I wager in the NBA know that I don't shy away from the high totals, this is one such case. May be back at the half with this game...

    Bulls+10.5- I don't think too highly of the Bulls at all, but this number is driven by perception. Playing this inflated line despit the worst writeup ever.

    Blazers- Spurs could win this one, but I wouldn't bet on it. Love the Spurs fade for games that are unimportant to them. Last season they lost 9 of their first 15 road games su, so I would be careful backing them on the road at all. No Manu is huge, IMO Oberto out is 10+ cleanup pts off the board & a better inside presence. Blazers even cover the other night vs LAL & they open 2.5 pt faves today. Oden goes down & voila! Value on a home dog. As it was Roy shot 5-15 (does that happen often), Frye was 0-7 & Aldridge was 4-12. This is one they will be up for. Rudy Fernandez played well off the bench last game, hoping for a similar performance. Leaning Spurs team u89.5 as they very well could win & not top that. I think the pace will be dictated by the Blazers though...

    Clips/Nugs over- Um, Denver is a bad road team. And they are favored. Clips off a beating at the hands of the Lakers, but I'm sure many teams will go through that. Read reports that there was a closed meeting where Baron Davis yelled a bunch. I think they respond tonight, & will be on them in some form. Denver doesn't play defense, especially on the road. Because of the lookahead factor (they are @home +Melo tomorrow vs the Lakers) there could be a slowdown 4thq or the Nuggs could pack it in early, which is why I settled on the 1st half.

    Other thoughts- I think the Heat are overvalued because they are home, but the Kings are not a good team. Memphis played scrappy vs Houston, not sure the Magic deserve to ba that large of a road fave. Lean under.

    Still finalizing the card.... GLTA :thumbs:
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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      Warriors+180 2ndh

      1 unit
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        Magic/Grizzlies o97 2ndh

        1 unit
        Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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          Spoooooky tattoo seen on NBA player.... Jon Gruden

          Go Boilers!
          thru 2/3

          NCAAF ’20 215-187-5 +75.19
          NCAAF ’21 200-169-7 +37.80
          NCAAF '22 239-216-14 +24.41

          NFL ’20 128-110-8 +50.21
          NFL ’21 94-102-3 -15.37
          NFL '22 186-165-9 +54.63

          NCAAB ’21-22 908-771-42 +196.07
          NCAAB '22-23 510-488-9 -43.13

          NHL '20-21 171-154-2 +42.97
          NHL ’21-22 223-241-5 -65.79
          NHL '22-23 153-149-3 -21.97

          NBA ’20-21 241-223-7 +11.97
          NBA ’21-22 282-266-6 -1.93
          NBA '22-23 225-246-9 -94.88


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            Good luck on your plays tonight and why did you reject me candy when i came trick-o-treating at your house? :bang: :bang:
            ****all plays 4.4 units to win 4 units unless otherwise noted****

            NBA 20-22 -16.8 units
            NHL 1-0 +4.0 units
            MLB 0-1 -4.8 units
            CFB 12-6-1 +21.6 units


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              3 units

              Spurs/Blazers u174.5-105

              1 unit
              Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                On the Clipps as well tonight Underdog! A little luck and we got a winner! :thumbs:
                "Half of life is luck... the other half is discipline..."