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NBA tuesday with flmmkrz

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  • NBA tuesday with flmmkrz

    should've flat betted last night and it would've been down a bit of juice but played one bet bigger than the other and down just over a unit last night. Freakin 3rd quarter explosion from the suns.

    like a few tonight:

    Lakers -5.5 @ -113 to win 2 units

    Lakers were gonna win with the mavs healthy but with howard banged up so much the better.

    Bulls -3 @ -129 to win 2 units

    bought it down from 4 so it's a bit chalky but my numbers tell me the 3 is the line I want so Im not arguing given how successful its been for me this year.

    Bucks +12 @ -106 to win 2 units

    Bucks suck but they play well enough not to lose too badly most nights

    Sixers -3 @ -112 to win 2 units

    DWill is back but will be played sparingly according to reports but it's been enough to get action on the jazz and bring the line down to a better number for me. 6ers are a tough home team and come off a couple spankings on the road, time to get back on track.

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    GL today man! :thumbs:
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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      -.82 units tonight 2-2

      6ers just fell behind by too much too early. by the time they got on track it was too late.

      Bulls couldnt get it done either. Bulls might have laid off of given atlantas form but still felt like the right side in philly. Make it back tomorrow :beerbang: