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NBA thursday with flmmkrz

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  • NBA thursday with flmmkrz

    hopefully can break the trend of pushing and ending up down juice at the end of the night tonight. Don't usually play all the games but like a play on every one of them tonight:

    Nuggs +7 @ +101 x 2 units

    Hopefully martin is a go but the nuggs should have enough scoring to keep this close.

    Bulls +1.5 @ -110 to win 2 units

    I thought the bulls could get it done vs atlanta but they fell short. They are still playing tough at home and I dont like the way the mavs look these days and hopefully howard is still on the mend for this one.

    Pistons -4.5 @ -110 to win 2 units

    Without Maggette and Harrington the warriors are seriously undermanned. The pistons may still be finding themselves with AI but they should have enough to put this one away handily.

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    misinformation almost bit me in the ass. Thought maggette was out but he played, not overly effective but he played.

    Nuggs fell apart 2nd half, had a nice showing early but it turned ugly.

    2-1, + 2 units

    finally a profit instead of pushing and being down some juice like the last couple days