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NBA monday with flmmkrz

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  • NBA monday with flmmkrz

    no luck with the pistons last night hopefully bounce back tonight:

    Clippers -2 @ -115 to win 3 units

    Spurs in a world of hurt without Ginobli and Parker. They can keep in against some bad squads cause of Duncan and they did that vs a bad kings squad yesterday but the clippers can line up some serious talent. They're yet to put it together but they're looking forward to getting back on the floor after having a few days to stew over a beatdown by gs and an undermanned spurs team coming in is a chance for them to get on track.

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    not a good run for the me the last 2 days. Clippers are talented but dont play like they want to win at all. Disgusting performance. Someone on another board was saying that it looks like the clip are playing to get their coach fired and maybe thats the case cause their is no sense of pride on that team. Even Baron who was all heart in GS is half assing it. In any case I think im off the clip till they get their shyt straight cause even the right spot and weak opponent doesnt seem to be enough.