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NBA wedz with flmmkrz

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  • NBA wedz with flmmkrz

    Cavs + 4 @ -110 to win 2 units

    got to this one early and bought it up a half point at the time and find myself sitting on a good number as its now sitting around 2.5. Pistons got the celts tomorrow, look ahead game and the cavs are red hot.

    Mavs +3 @ -101 to win 2 units

    Might be the sucker play with the way the mavs have looked this year but no Yao and banged up Tmac, I'll take a shot.

    Blazers -6 @ -115 to win 2 units

    Bought this down from 6.5, bulls aren't the same team on the road, blazers tough at home and im thinking they dominate the boards tonight with their bigs.

    Clips are screaming bet to me but im resisting with those ass clowns.

    GL everyone

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    stupid cavs forget a game is 4 quarters and not won in the first half.


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      Hopefully the Blazers finish strong for you :thumbs:
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        thanks udog

        Blazers roll, wish they were all that easy.

        -2.2 units cavs

        + 2 mavs
        + 2 blazers

        2-1, + 1.8 units, I'll take it.