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  • Saturday

    Hawkettes -5
    Charlotte -1

    2 units each

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    GL Stif! Was leaning the other way on the hawks game, but it's too tough to fade them at home. You have an opinion on Philly? IMO they are pretty live tonight.
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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      I'm not really sure. I didn't have alot of time to handicap today, and didn't look @ that game. I took the 2 I did because the public is entirely too in love (imo) with the road dogs there.

      Are the Spurs on a b2b? let me check, lol....

      Ok Yes they are....and with travel. SA has always been a poor play in the past as a larger sized fave when they are on a b2b off a win, so while I don't have any recent numbers to back that trend or to know if it's still relevant, I might grab some Philly too, i see you did.

      Sorry I don't really have anything to add other than that. I often try to stay away from Philly games, since they're my "local" team, even though I'm not a fan of them or anything. Maybe it's cause dumbass Directv blacks them out on league pass here :laughing:


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        Philly +9

        Tailing u-dog

        Minny +7

        Tough to cover 7, when you don't defend...

        2 units each